President Michael Sata offers apology to Swiss Businessman

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Nicolae Buzaianu

Nicolae Buzaianu

President Michael Sata offered an apology to philanthropist Nicolae Buzaianu for wrongly accusing him of taking part in a gold scandal.
Press secretary of President Sata released the formal apology to philanthropist and former Zambia’s permanent representative to UNESCO Nicolae Buzaianu. Dr. Buzaianu was wrongly accused of purchasing the gold from DEC when he flew into Zambia from Geneva, Switzerland. What was believed to be a nefarious meeting between former President Banda and the Swiss-Businessman turned out to be a meeting of diplomacy. Buzaianu arrived in Zambia to make Mr. Banda aware that he was stepping down from his UNESCO post.
Lawyers who represent Banda stated that Nicolae Buzaianu arrived in Zambia upon a private jet to announce his resignation as Zambia’s permanent representative from UNESCO.  Dr. Buzaianu felt that it was time for him to move on and follow a path more spiritual and focus on rebuilding churches in Eastern Europe. For which he has received a Gold Medal  honor by the church.

The gold purchase is still a mystery and President Sata currently has his hands full with his crossover into taking command of the government. Sources claim that the President jumped into the gold scandal without having all the fact presented.  This reporter was unable to reach Nicolae Buzaianu for a statement about the formal apology.



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